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De Facto Relationship Law | Defacto Separation

De Facto Relationships can be Complicated! We are Here to Help!

Have You Discovered the Person you Thought was the Right One was Really the Wrong One?

If so, it is imperative to understand the complications that can arise from de facto family law. Not sure exactly where you stand or whether you have any unmarried rights? If so, it is critical that you identify your rights as a de facto. One of the most important things you can do is obtain professional and knowledgeable legal representation from the earliest stage when your de facto relationship breaks down. This will allow you to consider the various options that will provide you with the best resolution to the end of your relationship.

There are many factors that can affect de facto law in Victoria, including the date of separation and the nature of your relationship. Your specific situation can be affected in many ways based on these factors, such as whether you are able to claim spousal maintenance and the way in which partners are compensated.

Not Sure Whether you Are/Were in a De Facto Relationship?

There are nine factors that apply to the legal definition of a de facto relationship in Victoria. These factors include:

  • The length of the de facto relationship
  • The extent and nature of the common sharing of accommodation during the relationship
  • The existence of a sexual relationship
  • The depth of financial interdependence as well as arrangements regarding financial support
  • The use and ownership of property for both de facto partners
  • The depth of mutual commitment in the de facto relationship
  • Support and care of children
  • Whether or not the de facto relationship was registered
  • Any public aspects and reputation regarding the relationship.

You do not have to prove all nine of these factors. A knowledgeable and expert de facto lawyer can help you to determine the degree of your relationship and how relationship law may pertain to your specific situation.


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Find out your Options Now!

When your relationship comes to an end, you need to know the options that are available to you, such as formal or information mediation and negotiating both with other solicitors as well as directly with the other person. You also need a de facto lawyer with experience in handling de facto law litigation in the five major courts, including the Supreme Court and County Court of Victoria, family court and the Federal Magistrates Court as well as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Do you need Assistance with Homosexual Relationship Law and/or Gay Relationship Rights?

No matter what the specifics are regarding your relationship, the legal representation you seek today for your de facto relationship law problem will affect the way in which your situation is resolved.

The Law Has Changed!

Did you know that de facto law underwent significant changes in 2009? Not everyone today is aware of these changes and how their personal situation can be affected as a result. When you schedule a consultation with us, you can be assured that you will be fully apprised of the changes and how they affect you and your situation personally.

The importance of receiving proper legal guidance regarding your rights cannot be stressed enough. Before you even attempt to discuss your situation with your former partner or anyone representing your former partner, you must make certain your own rights are protected.

The Time to Take Action is Now!

Do not allow your rights to be taken advantage of. Contact a knowledgeable and professional de facto solicitor today to ensure your rights are protected during your separation.


Free 20-45min Consultation between 9:00am to 5:15pm

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Free 20-45min Consultation between 9:00am to 5:15pm

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